Terraform variable types and values



A sequence of Unicode characters representing some text
Example : “hello”

Strings are usually represented by a double-quoted sequence of Unicode characters, "like this".


A numeric value .

Numbers are represented by unquoted sequences of digits with or without a decimal point, like 15 or 6.283185


Bools are represented by the unquoted symbols true and false.
Bool values can be used in conditional logic.

4.List (or Tuple)

Lists/tuples are represented by a pair of square brackets containing a comma-separated sequence of values, like ["a", 15, true].
List literals can be split into multiple lines for readability, but always require a comma between values.

5.Map or Object

A group of values identified by named labels, like 

{"Key" = "value"}

{name = "Martin", age = 22}.


The null value is represented by the unquoted symbol null

A value that represents absence or omission. If you set an argument of a resource or module to null, Terraform behaves as though you had completely omitted it .


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