How to configure ELB in AWS

Elastic Load Balancing – ELB Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes traffic across multiple targets – Amazon EC2 instances, containers and IP addresses – in a single Availability Zone or multiple Availability Zones. Amazon offers 3 types of Load Balancer: 1.Classic Load Balancer2.Application Load Balancer3.Network Load Balancer Now lets see how to configure classic load balancer and how to configure Classic…

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AWS ELB Connection to the instances has timed out

    AWS ELB Connection to the instances has timed out “Timed out “This error normally occurs when you are registering EC2 instance to your load balancer.Health check requests from your load balancer to your EC2 instances are timing out or failing intermittently. Step1: First, verify the issue by connecting directly with the instance. Connect to your instance from within…

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