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How AWS snapshot works? Is Incremental?

    How AWS snapshot works? Is Incremental? *Normally when you take backup of Amazon EC2 EBS volume, backup  will be stored in S3 called “Snapshot” *AWS users will not have any visibility on backend process.These backup are not visible as S3 bucket formats eventhough its stored   in S3. You can only view snapshot details in console *You can back…

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What is EBS optimized instance in AWS? 

What is EBS optimized  instance in AWS?    Normally not all the instances EBS optimized instance type in AWS. Only specific ec2 instance types are EBS optimized. This will trigger another question ,how EBS disks are connecting with ec2? Through ec2 instance network cards only. So your network traffic and EBS data traffic will use same NIC card. But the…

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