How to practice AWS using without paying

In AWS account setup is simple concept . AWS Account is normally common for single user or Enterprise account for organisation,you will not find any difference in service features , view etc . There is no concept of trial account or separate free tier account.

It is really possible to practice AWS without paying using AWS free tier?

The answer is Yes and No . You can not play with all AWS services using free tier , but at the same time AWS really providing all basics and major service under free tier category , so you can practices with most of the services.

To practice AWS without paying first need to understand what are the AWS services comes under free tier and other AWS offers.

The very important link about free tier information .

Types of offers:

  1. 12 months free – Enjoy these offers for 12-months following your initial sign-up date to AWS
  2. Always free – These free tier offers do not expire and are available to all AWS customers
  3. Trials – Short-term free trial offers are available through many different software solutions

Most popular and basic services are free , like

EC2 – 750 hrs / month , S3 – 5 GB , RDS – 750 hrs , Dynamo Db – 25 GB , ELB etc.. So these are more than enough for practice .

Apart from that creating IAM users , groups, roles , VPC, Security groups are free . So no need to worry about that , since its not mentioned under free tier , these are basic environments.


The free tier account has monthly limit , refer the limit details , for example 750 hrs of EC2 you can run 1 server for entire 30 days or 2 server for 15 days . Its upto you how to use.

Be careful on subscribing or using market place products , Even though product is free most of the products you can not run free tier machine T2

Data-out transfer are chargeable item .

If you are not familiar with product , service pricing please check pricing details for the service before use it . Few services are monthly base pricing as well.

Attached EBS storage are always billable , even-though machine is off state.

Once you familiar with free tier link details then it will be easy to use, because always the details will get updated frequently , so its better to refer the AWS link.

Keep practice , Good Luck!


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