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How to launch rds db instance in AWS? 



How to launch rds db instance in AWS? 

AWS rds (Relational Database Service ) is a PAAS service model . You can setup your database easily ans so quickly less than 30 min.Cost efficient and res sizable capacity feature , also you can stop your DB instance if your not using (Applicable for Single AZ DB type only)

Amazon RDS is available on several database instance types – general ,optimized for memory,performance or I/O .Note EBS disk  type SSD or provisioned IOPS types only available .Amazon RDS supports 6 database engines.

750 hours of Amazon RDS Single-AZ db.t2.micro Instance usage running MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle BYOL or SQL Server (running SQL Server Express Edition) – enough hours to run a DB Instance continuously each month

Now lets see how to launch MySQL rds db instance and how to connect.                                                                                                  rds db dashboard

Click “Launch DB instance

Select “MySql” instance type. In Left navigation panel .it will show only Free tier eligible instance type.

Specify the “DB details” . Select the MySql version you want to install.Here selected 5.7.17


In rds the instance type called as  “instance Class’ . Micro instance type only comes under free tier .

Multi- AZ deployment options provide High availability . Primary and Secondary AZ , if primary goes down ,automatically secondary zone comes up . Infact the endpoint name will remain same .Hardly it will take 30 sec to switch.

Storage SSD is default, no magnetic disk types and minimum 5 gb .

DB instance identifier – Name for your db instance in AWS console . Within this you can create multiple database.                     Enter root user name and password . The user name mentioned here will get most of the privileges .                                           Note : AWS will not provide  super user privileges

Configure Advance Settings

Select VPC where you would like to create your rds

Select Subnet group – Subnet group is collection of subnets. If you are not creating customized one , Amazon will create default. Subnet .You can use default subnet  group also , within that you can add or remove any subnet any time  .

Public Accessible – If this option enabled ,you can connect database from outside world through endpoint name. if it is selected No only accessible from your VPC Ips.

Availability zone – Select which availability zone you would like to launch the instance.

VPC Security Group  – Same like EC2 instance security group , for Database you can control inbound , outbound traffic through security group.If you are not creating custom one , AWS will create default SG.

Database Options                                                                                                                                                                                Enter the database name . This database will be created while launching . Once you can login into DB engine you can create multiple databases.

Database port 3306 is default . But you can change if required.

DB parameter GroupThis is very important parameter.In traditional environments you will have full control to Operating System and database . In rds you will not aware in which OS its running and you will not have any access. In that case how to do some DB parameters or kernel settings. You have to edit this group only .

Note: If you are not creating custom parameter group , the default parameters group will be applied . But you can not modify any parameters here,

select the value for IAM db authentication and encryption options

Backup – rds providing very good backup feature . Backups are snapshot based.You can take backup automatically or manually and restore is easy and so quick. 0 – Means no backup , and maximum retention period is 35 days.You can specify backup window also.

Monitoring – If enhanced monitoring feature required select yes.

Maintenance – Amazon need some down time to patch their backend server and OS.You have to specify maintenance window.If your not specifying any maintence window Amazon will automatically choose based on region.

Note – Multi AZ rds can run during maintenance window also because instance secondary node will act as primary.

Click “Launch DB Instance

DB Instance successfully launched.

Instance creation in progress   

Status now changed to available and it will show the endpoint details to connect.


You can find more information by selecting Instance Action – See details 

Connecting to Database : you can connect from any linux /Windows machine where mysql client tools installed. You can use Mysql workbench also.

mysql -h -P 3306 -u admin -p

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