How to find the ip address of aws elastic load balancer? 


How to find the ip address of aws elastic load balancer? 

  • AWS Elastic Load balancer does not have any static IP address , in the backend it will keep change.
  • You can do the NSlookup and get the IP but that is temporary IP address not persistent .
  • You can initiate “ping” traffic and get response
  • We can test the connectivity to the load balancer from an Amazon EC2 instance in the same region 
  • Use the following commands to verify connectivity:
  • No matter its internal or External ELB IP will keep change.

 nc –v elb.ip.address port

    • telnet elb.ip.address port
    • ping “elbname”

  • Note: The netcat (nc) utility is not natively installed on Windows systems. There are versions of netcat compiled for use with Windows available for download on the Internet. Ensure that you run a virus scan on any utilities that you download from the Internet before running. The Telnet client is not installed by default on most versions of Windows but can be installed through Control PanelPrograms and FeaturesTurn Windows features on or off.
  • From an external computer, run the traceroute (Linux) or tracert (Windows) utilities to the load balancer listener’s IP address to verify that traffic is being properly routed to the load balancer.

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