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How to create vpc ,subnet and route table in aws


How to create vpc ,subnet and route table in aws

Creating VPC:

When you create a VPC, you must specify an IPv4 CIDR block for the VPC. The allowed block size is between a /16 netmask (65,536 IP addresses) and /28 netmask (16 IP addresses).

Open VPC Dashboard and click “Your VPCs”

Click Create VPC . Each AWS region has default VPC created already 

Enter the details as required and click create

Now new VPC has been created with name “findout-prod”

Creating Subnet:

Subnet can be created from VPC . You can create subnet only within VPC ip ranges only.

Click “subnet” in VPC Dashboard . The page shows default subnet details for the region

then click “Create Subnet”



Fill the details as required .

Remember subnet is Availability zone specific resource . Ex . if you create subnet it will not available in Zone B.

New subnet has been created with 251 ips.


Route table configuration

Whenever create a VPC route table will be created automatically bydefault . You can modify the entries in route table.

We can create multiple route table for VPC.

To create a new route table click create route table

New route table is created but no subnet attached,

Click edit on subnet association

Select the subnet and save , So once subnet associated the subnet traffic will refer this route table only.

Remember subnet associate with single route table only.


Now you can see one subnet is associated with this route table

Local route is created by default




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