How to create S3 Bucket in AWS and set permission

Creating S3 bucket very simple . In-fact you can create without any guidance also , like creating folder in google drive ,super easy. But if you are new , you may need some assistance on setting up permissions. The below steps will help you.

1.Login to S3 console page

You can find information about any existing bucket .

2.Click “Create bucket” option
3.Enter the bucket name and select region .

Note: S3 is a global service , but still your data will reside in some specific data center .So you can choose exactly which region data should reside .

Note: Bucket name should be unique across global .You can not create the bucket with same name in other region also.

If you have already set permission for any other existing buckets , you may select that , so that same settings will be applied.

4.Set Properties:

You can select so many options in this page . The major features are versioning, tags,Logging.

Versioning is – you can keep multiple version of same object.
Tags – Like label
Logging – activity of S3 bucket.Ex – Who accessed the S3 bucket

5.Set permission

You can assign permission for

Account owner/users
Public users – This is very important settings . S3 bucket need can access publicly or not
Manage system permission – Log delivery group to write the data

6.Review and create

This page will shows the summary . Click create .

Now new s3 bucket named “” is ready.

Now you can create folders , or you can directly upload any type of file, called object.

You can impose ACL , bucket policy , block all public access settings like many options available to enable fine grained access control.It’s upto you how well you are using this options.



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