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How to create and configure AWS IAM role ?



How to create and configure AWS IAM role ?

What is IAM role?

An IAM role is an IAM entity that defines a set of permissions for making AWS service requests.

IAM roles are not associated with a specific user or group. Instead, trusted entities assume roles, such as IAM users, applications, or AWS services such as EC2.

role does not have any credentials (password or access keys) associated with it. Instead, if a user is assigned to a role, access keys are created dynamically and provided to the user.

Hoe to Create IAM role?

Select IAM in AWS Services

In IAM Dashboard select “role” in Navigation panel


Click Create new role

Select AWS service from the role type .You can also choose other types depends on requirement.

Select EC2 from the list of service that will use the role

Select the use case for EC2

Attach permission policies to the new role

Enter the role details

New role created

Trust Relationship

Now role is created and its ready to use .

How to attach the role to EC2 instance and use?

Select the EC2 instance and view the description . Now in web server there is no role attached.

Attach the role

Select “Instance Settings – Attach/Replace IAM role

Select the S3fullaccess role which we have created in previous steps

Role successfully attached

Now in description you find the role information

Now try to access the s3 buckets without providing any user credentials


Now using the role EC2 instance able to view the S3 buckets.







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