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How to create AWS placement group and Launch Instances



  • AWS Placement Group is a logical grouping of instances within a single Availability Zone 
  • Using Placement Groups enables applications to participate in a low-latency, 10 Gbps network
  • To get high performance network with low latency placement group is very good option. Logically the instance will be closer to .
  • This will be useful for Cluster servers environment or very high transnational  jobs need to process  seamless


  • Supports only specific enhanced networking instance types
  • Can be configured within Availability zone only. Can not spane across multiple availability zone.
  • Placement Groups cannot be merged. Instances in one placement group should be terminated, and then relaunched into an other placement group
  • can’t move an existing instance into a placement group
  • Recommend using the same instance type for all instances in a placement group.
  • Network traffic to and from resources outside the placement group is limited to 5 Gbps.

Now will see how to create placement group and launch the instance with that

Click placement group from “EC2 Dashboard”


Enter the name for placement group

Placement group created named “production”

Select the supported instance type

Configure Instance details.Launch 2 instance at same time

Select the storage and fill the tag details

Configure SG

2 Instance Launched

Verify the placement group details

Network card speed shows 10G



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