Azure Storage

Azure Storage account types and how to create?

How to create Azure Storage account?

In the view of cloud storage perspective Amazon and Azure has many difference . In the Amazon all the resources comes under one AWS account . But in Azure the concept is bit different . Even though you create azure account , you have to create separate storage account . You have some limitation on number of storage account and storage capacity for each account.Apart from this you can segregate account depends upon for what kind of purpose you are going to use.Well it has some advantage and some complexity as well . Now slowly azure removing this concept due to administration complexity.

Azure Storage Types:

  • Blob
  • Table
  • Queue
  • File

Blob – You can store Documents,Photos,videos,blogs,backup,files and logs etc

Table – Its simple NoSQL data ,Address book,User data for web applications ,Device information etc.

Queue – Messaging storage option for asynchronous jobs ,process workflows etc

File       – Useful windows files share solution

Blob has 3 types

  •      Block blobs – Documents media files and backup
  •      Append blobs –  Logging
  •      Page blob – Virtual hard disks

Now lets see on how to create storage account in Azure

In the Azure Dashboard click “Storage” . In the right side you can see the “storage accoun” option.

Click “Create Storage Accounts”

New Blade will be open . Fill the appropriate information as required . Name should be unique.

Account kind we have 3 models . General pupose V2 is latest model.With this account type you can use all 4 storage types.


Note : Available Storage account model

Complete the remaining field and click create

You can find the storage account create process in notification space in Dashboard.

Now Azure Storage account has been create .




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