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Azure Backup Service in 5 minutes

The Azure Backup service provides simple, secure, and cost-effective solutions to back up your data and recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Azure Backup Overview

Key Points:

With Azure Backup service you can backup on-premise and cloud resources data.

Azure Backup is Azure’s builtin backup service , which doesn’t require any infrastructure setup.

Backup data’s are encrypted.

You can easily backup and restore entire VM ,Files ,Folders ,Azure Fileshares and SQL Database

Azure Backup protects your data with Ransomware

You can enable Multi-factor Authentication , only authorized user can access and able to perform backup operations.

Even if you choose delete your backups ,Azure Backup will retain your data for two weeks.So you can always recover from accidental deletion.

Azure Backup doesn’t limit the amount of inbound or outbound data you transfer, or charge for the data that is transferred.

Get app-consistent backups: An application-consistent backup means a recovery point has all required data to restore the backup copy. Azure Backup provides application-consistent backups, which ensure additional fixes aren’t required to restore the data. Restoring application-consistent data reduces the restoration time, allowing you to quickly return to a running state.

Key Technical Concepts:

Azure VM Backup:
Backup of Azure VMs
On-premises backup with Azure Backup Service
Backup of on-premises Windows Server machines with MARS agent

Recovery Services vault:
Azure Backup stores backed-up data in a Recovery Services vault . A vault is an online-storage entity in Azure that’s used to hold data, such as backup copies, recovery points, and backup policies .

Backup Policy:
Backup Policy consists of schedule and retention information . A backup policy can be assigned to multiple resources.

Backup Agents
MARS Agent – Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) agent. To backup on-premises windows machines
Azure VM extension – Runs on Azure VMs to back them up to a vault.

Backup Types:
Full, Differential , Incremental , Transaction log backup for SQL.

Recovery Point:
The point at which backup data needs to be restore . Ex 2 pm restore point.


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