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AWS EC2 tagging best practices



AWS EC2 tagging best practices

Tags provide identification and classification of AWS resources by the association of descriptive metadata.for example, application identifier, environment, or owner. Each tag consists of a key and a value, both of which are user-defined strings. Tags can be used as a filter when requesting resources, such as EC2 instances, based on tag keys or values.

Tags will be very useful for AWS resource management . Especially if you are running large scale environment tags will be the core component to identifying the resource . For Ex if you are running 500+ EC2 servers if you like to filter only “web servers” its very hard to filter with Instance id . Suppose if the machines are tagged with “Role Web servers” you can pull out the result easily.

So Tags are acting as a Resource Management, Filter tool and in billing also you can optimize for tag based .

Remember tags are case sensitive and having some limits for aligning with resources Ex .50 tags can attach to EC2 etc..

Now lets see what are the best practices for tagging The following is good sample tagging options to manage EC2 large scale business environment.


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