AWS EC2 Instance Immediately Terminates



AWS EC2 Instance Immediately Terminates

After launching an instance normally the status will change from pending state to running . But in sometime the status will goes to terminate state suddenly . You can find the information from your AWS console by using “EC2 console screen logs” or you can use CLI , you can find with JSON response.

Select the instance and click Description field

In the bottom of the page you can find “State transition reason” and message . You can easily identify why the state changed reason with message .Ex . It will show like “User Initiated ” .You can find the IAM or root user event details in cloud trail

Now lets see what are the possible reason could cause terminate:

  • EBS Limits reached – Check the limits and value . Submit a new request to increase.
  • Instance you are launching from corrupted snapshot or AMI .This could be the main reason.
  • Due to some custom script your are loading while launching the instance
  • The instance store-backed AMI you used to launch the instance is missing a required part (an image.part.xx¬†file).
  • In the particular region EC2 instance limit reached.

If still you have an issue you can try with other region . You can open case with AWS support to check if any other reasons involved for termination.



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